Branding is an integral part of any business growth-

it talks, among other things, about your identity, culture, principles and values. Your brand goes beyond your marketing material and it also deals with how you service your clients: your smile, going the extra mile for your clients, how clean your premises are.

In a nutshell, branding is how others perceive you and how they feel about your product or service- the perception can either be good or bad. Here we are going to look at benefits of having a great and strong brand, ways or create it and, last, we will mention some of South Africa's greatest and stronger brands.

Here are five benefits of having a great and strong brand:

  1. You will require less persuasion for consumers to use other products from the same brand.
  2. You are guaranteed a lasting customer relationship due to trust, and that gives a perception of quality.
  3. You will stand out from the cluttered marketplace.
  4. You will command a premium.
  5. You will give your customers a clear differentiation from other similar products to your one, for example- still mineral water.

Five ways to build a great and strong brand:

  1. You must first know your identity- what makes you stand out.
  2. You must always provide quality products or service (never compromise on quality, and go the extra mile for your clients).
  3. You must strive to be seen as a market leader, be the first to introduce new trends and information.
  4. You must build strong relationships with customers, suppliers and partners- this will improve the quality of your delivery.
  5. Create a strong corporate identity and market it well: have good name, logomarketing material and web presence.

Five of South Africa's greatest and strongest brands:

  1. MTN.
  2. Vodacom.
  3. Sasol
  4. Standard Bank
  5. Absa

Hopefully, your brand will be listed as one of the top five in the future.


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