YOU CANNOT run a successful business alone. We can come up with the vision and be able to design the best business plan, but for that business to reach its ultimate goal, you need help. There are different kinds of people you need to have in a business, namely business partners, employees, suppliers, mentors and clients. These people form what we call a partnership of excellence.

THE BEST way to define social media(SM) is to break down the name. As we know, a medium is an instrument of communication. The great thing about SM is that it is free and can yield great results for your brand and sales. Now let me share the five best social media platforms for businesses. Quick note: instead of using SM for hard selling, I suggest you keep it social and fun, share your stories, things you have learnt, events you are attending, motivational quotes, tips on products you sell etc. remember it's about putting your business out there.

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