5 Reasons Why People Don't Start

Here are 5 reasons why it's hard to start:

It's important to dream, it's important to have great ideas, it's important to have solutions - the trick is in STARTING.

Here are 5 reasons why it's hard to start:

  1. Some people want to have all the resources they need to help them have the best possible outcome

  2. Some people wait for the right partner(s)

  3. Some people wait for the best opportunity and funds before they jump in

  4. Some people are scared of the challenges that await them, the fear of failure while others; it’s the fear of succeeding

  5. Some people don’t believe they are ready 

I took the leap of faith and went head on, left my job and started Start Media; I had a simple vision ‘to provide startups with creative and professional branding solutions’. I experienced the pain of not having all the resources at my disposal, I experienced the pain of losing partners, I experienced the pain of starting with no funds and connections, I had sleepless nights due to bills and lack of sales and I doubted myself a lot and wanted to give in to what people were asking me “Why don’t you go get a job”

Today I am where I am, 7 years in business, servicing over 100 startups, I held on to the vision and I don’t regret STARTING. The challenge is not the ideas, we have plenty, and the challenge is to START.

START! -  The things you need; will find you on your way up.


Last modified on Thursday, 31 August 2017 12:32

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